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These Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Natural Health NZ web site and its services.

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Natural Health NZ is not responsible for any action taken by individuals or organisations as a result of information provided by this site or linked sites. This includes recommendations regarding nutritional supplements or other health products. We recommend you seek the advice of a qualified health professional regarding any information supplied by this site before proceeding with any action. Please make sure you disclose your full medical history including any medications you are currently taking to your practitioner before using any nutritional supplements, herbal remedies or other treatments to avoid contra-indications. Natural Health NZ makes no warranties regarding this web site or its content, and assumes no responsibility for the content of any other web site linked to from this site.

Changes are made periodically to this site and may be made at any time. The site may be unavailable or access may be interrupted on occasion due to technical difficulties.

Choosing a Practitioner
The information listed in Natural Health NZ about practitioners is supplied by them, therefore we provide no warranty that this information is free of inaccuracies, omissions or typographical errors. It is taken on faith that practitioners who register for a listing in this site are fully trained in their modality. We strongly recommend you ask to see relevant documentation regarding training and qualifications of any practitioner you choose to see. Natural Health NZ does not assume any liability for any diagnosis or treatment provided by practitioners listed in this site. See also Choosing a Practitioner for additional advice.

Registration for Directory Listings
Practitioners listed in the Natural Health NZ Directory must be fully qualified and registered in their modality, and must abide by the code of ethics relevant to their modality.

Practitioners and product suppliers must ensure that the details provided for listings in the Natural Health NZ Directory are accurate and complete. Please contact us if any details are incorrect. Natural Health NZ may modify the form of services provided, where such modifications do not significantly detract from the nature of these services. Services provided are not guaranteed to be continuous and may occasionally be unavailable during web site updates or technical difficulties. We may occasionally communicate with practitioners and suppliers listed in this site to provide information, or to promote any of our services which may be of interest or benefit to them. We do not rent, sell, or share personal information about individuals or organisations listed in this site with other people or companies.

Right to Decline
Natural Health NZ reserves the right to accept or decline any directory entry. We aim to maintain a focused directory that is relevant to our users. We will not accept any entries which we consider to be outside our subject scope or are for any reason not suitable for listing in the Natural Health NZ Directory.

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